Early and Late Bay Californian doors

From £300

Type 4 engine USA spec heat exchangers

From £50

Type2 Late Bay front seats

Late bay front seats £150 each

Upholstery option available

Type 4 engine tinware





From £20

Snap-On steering box pitman-arm removal tool

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Cool late bay ball bar

100_2634 Andy Rackham 009 Andy Rackham 010 Andy Rackham 012Very rare and made in California by Hercules


Early and late Californian Roofs

late_bay_001 late_bay_002 rob and mark 001 rob and mark 002£150 – £400

Splitscreen and Baywindow parts available from sunny California

Early and Late Bay Roof from £350

Bay front beams £300

Bay front doors from £200

Westfalia interior units from £50


1969 Westfalia Image 3 van loading 1 van loading 2 Stuar and Claire 003 Website 2015website 2015 2website 2015 3

Complete front beam for sale


Early Bay Window complete front beams £300

Late Bay beams £350

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