Baywindow Upper Trailing arms

£40 each ( we can fit new ball joint for £20 extra )

Eary Baywindow Front Bumper Iron

£20 Each

Baywindow Rear Torsion arms


1600 Type1 Engine J Tubes

£5 each

Baywindow Heat Exchangers


Baywindow Heat Exchanger Right


Baywindow Spindles


Baywindow Hand Brake


Baywindow heater fan


Type 4 engine USA spec heat exchangers

From £50

Type2 Late Bay front seats

Late bay front seats £150 each

Upholstery option available

Type 4 engine tinware





From £20

Cool late bay ball bar

100_2634 Andy Rackham 009 Andy Rackham 010 Andy Rackham 012Very rare and made in California by Hercules


Splitscreen and Baywindow parts available from sunny California

Early and Late Bay Roof from £350

Bay front beams £300

Bay front doors from £200

Westfalia interior units from £50


1969 Westfalia Image 3 van loading 1 van loading 2 Stuar and Claire 003 Website 2015website 2015 2website 2015 3

Complete front beam for sale


Early Bay Window complete front beams £300

Late Bay beams £350

Do you require any part to be cut off and sent?
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